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Shooting enemies is my lastest hobby with LastStandStan iPhone game – iPhone game review

If you are found of Arcade games and shooting down enemies is your favourite hobby on iPhone, Laststandstan is not going to disappoint you. Developed by GreenBean Games, the arcade game features a robot named stan which has to defend against multiple enemies in space.
The game has two modes Campaign and Survival. The campaign mode offers 20 exciting levels .Starting with level 1 and only a few enemies which are easy to go with your limited set of weapons you advance to higher and more difficult levels where you come across some really tough opponents. Moving even further, every 5th level of campaign mode is a boss stage where you defend against the boss of the stage with your strategies and quick reflexes, you also get rewarded with new weapons in this stage. In Survival mode the strategies are completely different. Stan the robot is equipped with almost all hi-tech weapons and has to defend against all sorts of enemies. You need to survive as long as possible to achieve a high score.
The game includes a nice variety of weapons including Flinger , Gatling gun , laser , rocket launcher , plasmatron , photonic cannon , anti-grav repulse , EMP blast , Shield , Last resort and retort . Each weapon has a different impact on enemy but the greatest challenge is you have limited number of ammo in each weapon, so use them wisely .You can have a look at the remaining ammo at top of the screen, where you can also see the health percentage along with the level number and score.
If you love sharing your score on leader boards and with friends, LastStandstan will give you total control over your scores with Game centre integration. The game has some really nice in-game backgrounds and a beautiful UI which gives a feel of being on top of the earth.
Screenshots from the app :