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Smuggle Truck Game Adds Legal Immigration Version

Responding to critics, Smuggle Truck, the game about illegal immigration has added a legal mode.
The game still hasn’t been approved for iTunes yet, but if and when it is in April, you’ll be able to access Legal Immigration mode via the game’s main menu.
How do you play? Well, you don’t. Not really. You get a screen with 20-year countdown.
When asked why two decades, Owlchemy Labs developer Alex Schwartz said:
“Well that’s the greater than 10 years it takes for someone to obtain a green card. Plus the multiple occurrences of ‘lost paperwork’ that are bound to happen during the process.”
“Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration” has released a storm of controversy – and free publicity.
In it, players navigate through what looks like the U.S.-Mexican border. As the truck drives over cliffs, mountains and dead animals, immigrants fall off the truck bed. Scores are calculated by the number of immigrants helped into the U.S.
Having  gone through the frustrating, expensive, time-consuming green card process for a family member, the legal mode option gave me a good laugh.
Via Joystiq