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SnuggleTruck: Rejected app goes cuddly for Apple approval

Imagine you’re an iOS game developer, and your new app’s theme focuses on smuggling illegal immigrants over the border. It offers a politically charged satiric scenario, one that could possibly offend customers. Apple reviewers consider the game, but they determine that it fails the smell test. Too tasteless — not gonna make it into the App Store. What do you do?
If you’re Owlchemy Labs, what you do is this: you redesign your somewhat edgy software to provide exactly the same gameplay, but change the artwork and sounds to provide an even moreironic take on the original.
Owlchemy substituted happy zoo animals for the original illegal immigrants. The cuddly creatures “escape from the wilderness for the comfort of a zoo, where they are provided with plenty of food, shelter and state-of-the-art healthcare.” Basically, Apple’s rejection allowed Owlchemy Labs to provide another layer of metatextual satire on top of the original satiric content.
The mind boggles.
Nevertheless, Apple happily approved this extremely subversive software now that people had tothink before becoming offended. The original SmuggleTruck software is available for sale on both Mac and Windows, and it offers the new SnuggleTruck mode as a built-in extra.
SnuggleTruck is now available for sale on iTunes for US$1.99 for the iPhone version and $2.99 for the iPad HD version.
A video from the developers that explains the redesign follows after the break.
[via Joystiq]