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The meteoric rise & rise of Tiny Wings in the App Store

For having zero marketing, Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger has been the buzz as of late. This is the game that folks have been tweeting about the past 2 days, oft-discussed on internet forums, and well, created some kind of news wherever ‘it’ goes.
The past few days has been pretty meteoric, with Tiny Wings steadily climbing up the App Store chart, breaking into the Top 25 Paid Apps within days. Shortly thereafter, it broke the top 10 list.
Today, the unthinkable happens. It has dethroned mainstay & year long record holder, Angry Birds to be the No.1 Paid Game in the US App Store. It is anybody’s guess if Tiny Wing’s success would be a shortlived one, or it would continue to hold fort for months to come. After all, we’re talking about the birds versus, erm… the birds!