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The monsters are hungry & ready to feed! (iPad only)

The monsters are hungry and ready to feed!Use your towers and powerful spells to stop them from feeding on the innocent animals. This will be no easy task- these monsters have the abilities to make them challenging to stop. But you have the powers to do so! Use your spells and cunning to stop the unmerciful onslaught. This is no defense game for the faint of heart!
Features of Monster Feed
* Choose from different heroes with unique spells.
– Cast a boulder of ice that rolls over monsters then explodes encasing them in ice.
– Throw a trident that rips through multiple monsters before sticking in the last- bleeding it out.
– Summon the gnasher hound that will rend monsters to death.
* Monsters have special abilities to cut through your defenses!
– Spiders that jump parts of the path.
– A tentacle slime that throws an egg that you must smash (tap) to destroy before it hatches!
– Ghosts that disappear and dodge incoming damage. (sneaky sneaky)
* Action packed tower defense- don’t let your guard down!
– Pick up coins and powerups while your enemies toss things to smash.
– Build towers and cast spells to stomp out the monsters.
– Choose preferred targets for your towers and trusty minions!
– Save your animal friends!
* A brief and informative in-game tutorial- don’t be scared!
* Large maps! Scroll back and forth along varied sized maps.
* Hours of gameplay! With over a baker’s dozen of maps, each having two distinct game-modes, and multiple heroes, there are many hours of enjoyment ahead.
Monster Feed is out now for the iPad for $1.99.