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This Week’s Must Have iOS Games: Tiny Wings, Volcano Escape & Zombie Runaway

This week’s roundup of must-have iOS games features what I think could be the next iPhone craze; Tiny Wings is a simple one-button arcade game based on a dream of flying, and another huge App Store success that will be sure to hang around for a while at the top of the paid charts, just like Angry Birds or Doodle Jump.
Volcano Escape is another of our favorites – a terrific platformer that provides level after level of action-packed entertainment, which, together with its crazy characters and explosive weaponry, makes it one of the greatest games of its genre.
Zombies are quite the stars within the App Store – some of the most popular iOS games feature the living dead. Our third must-have game this week, and another to add to the list of zombie successes, is Zombie Runaway – a brilliant run-as-far-as-you-can game that’s a little different to the rest.
Find out more about the games above after the break!
Tiny Wings – ($0.99) iPhone – Games
Featuring a loveable little bird whose wings are too small to fly, the aim in Tiny Wings is to slide up and down hills as fast as you can, flapping your wings when the time is right to achieve a moment’s flight… before gravity brings you back down again. Fly as far as you can, fulfilling each of your tasks to upgrade you nest, and try to unlock all 27 of the tricky OpenFeint achievements. While the object of the game seems fairly easy, it features enough of a challenge to ensure you’re quickly addicted to its charm, and you won’t be able to put it down. Its most unique feature is the procedural generated graphics that make the beautiful visuals look different every day you play. Tiny Wings is a remarkably simple idea that makes for a wonderful game.
Volcano Escape – ($0.99) iPhone – Games
Volcano Escape is a brilliant new action platformer that takes you on a fun-filled mission to escape a scorching hot volcano, while a hoard of tribal minions attempt to ruin your progress and barbecue your bones. You play the part of Colonel Charlie Barbecue, decorated war veteran and all-round hero, who recently disappeared whilst taking his summer vacation. He’s now resurfaces as a sacrificial offering to appease the lava gods, wielding a selection of impressive weaponry that includes grenade launchers, jetpacks, and shotguns. Take out the evil tribe on your route to safety through a rich 3D environment with beautifully bright visuals, and see if you can get out alive. Volcano Escape is now just $0.99 in an early spring sale, so grab it before you’re too late!
Zombie Runaway – ($0.99) Universal – Games
Instead of fighting off zombies to save yourself, in Zombie Runaway you are one of them, and your aim is to escape the humans in a runaway chase. As opposed to traditional 2D running games, this one’s in 3D, and uses a simple 3-button control system to dodge and jump objects that get in your way. This game’s a must-have thanks to its multiple game modes that provide you with countless hours of exciting gameplay, and two completely different ways to play, unlike most other running games. When you’re confident the humans will never catch you, try out your skills in ‘Blitz mode’ in which you run through a dark graveyard crushing as many tombstones as you can within a certain time. Once you start playing, the excitement never dies and ensures Zombie Runaway isn’t just another zombie flop.