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Tim Langdell cited for trolling for ‘Edge’ trademark

For those who have just joined us, a brief recap:
Someone by the name of Tim Langdell has been trolling game developers for quite some time now by holding a trademark on the word “Edge” and “actively but erroneously” protect the said trademark by legally harassing anyone who uses in or as part of a title of a game.
This resulted in the first casualty of the Apple App Store – the removal of Mobigame’s Edge. Elsewhere, Namco’s Soul Edge had to be sold as Soul Calibur in the United States.
This trademark trolling was mildly successful for Langdell until he set his sights on gaming industry giant EA for their use of the word “Edge” in the title of Mirror’s Edge (out now for iPhone & iPad).
What followed was a legal tussle between the two and of which came to a final conclusion earlier today:
The court has denied Edge Games’ motion for injunction, citing that it believes that Langdell made fraudulent statements to the US Patent and Trademark Office and strongly believes that Langdell is “suspect,” and has been “trolling” the game industry for licensing opportunities. His actions could possibly warrant “criminal penalties.”