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Tower Ant : An addicting tower defense journey with ants – iPhone game review

If you are a real fan of strategy/simulation games, Tower Ant is the right match for you this season. Tower Ant is a tower defense game which is the latest addition in the app store. The game features an army of ants protecting their Queen against the other enemy ants.
The game comes with over 25 types of ants, in the starting levels you just have a few ants and you can purchase new ants with cash in the game. The labour ants take care of the Queen by feeding her they also fetch cash while soldier ants protect her from enemies and earn a better score. The game also features an element called tower which destroys enemy ants by firing them. You can build as many towers as possible in your area, provided you have enough cash to buy all of them. There are different types of towers and each has a unique power and price to buy. You can upgrade your tower once you have enough cash for it or sell it when you need some cash to buy ants. The more towers you own the tighter is your security.  You can also chop enemy ants directly by holding the slice button and swiping over enemy ants at the same time; this would probably avoid worker ants from any distraction and damage.
Other features in the game include directly jumping to enemy’s tower to watch the activity, adding ants and towers without leaving the game field. You can select multiple ants to perform an action by steadily selecting a rectangle area around the ants to be selected. Select a quest by tapping on the exclamation mark above the Queen while in the game to solve addition objectives and earn useful rewards. If you would like to say hello to your queen, go ahead and pinch to zoom in and out with iPhone’s multitouch support, enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game with each level having different scene.
The developer promises to bring up a multi-player mode in the game, where in you can challenge your friends and play against them with your army of ants.
Watch out for game on the iTunes, its fun and addicting. Currently the game is only available for iPhone and iPod touch. But we would love to see an iPad version sometime soon.

Screenshots from the app :