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Unique Stealth Game Perfect Cell on Sale for 99 Cents

Perfect Cell
You’ve probably never heard of Perfect Cell, but it’s a very interesting game that’s worth giving some attention. It’s a game about an alien organism – which is described as neither bad, nor good…just perfect – that crash lands on Earth and is being held captive deep below the ocean. From there you need to use your creepy alien powers to break out of your prison. Maybe it’s not quite as simple a concept as Angry Birds’ “pigs-stole-my-eggs” plotline, but it’s fun nonetheless.
True to the stealth genre, Perfect Cell [iTunes Link] allows you to complete levels however you please. The game gives you the loose goal of reaching the exit. How you accomplish that goal is up to you. You can ruthlessly murder every last guard in the room, or you can put in the extra effort to ghost the entire stage and disappear without a trace.
Today, developer Mobigame announced that the game will be going on sale for a limited time for just 99 cents down from its original cost of $6. And if 99 cents is too much of an investment for you there’s also a lite version so you can try before you buy.