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Valve Releases Third Portal 2 Investment Video…For Science

Portal 2
A quick recap for those of you who haven’t been following Valve’s awesome video series starring Portal 2’s co-op mode characters Atlas and P-body. Each Monday leading up to the release of Portal 2, Valve will release a new promotional video in honor of the game’s impending launch.
Today we have the third in this sequence, and it stars the adorable-slash-horrifying turrets of the original game as they are repackaged for consumer use. Protect your baby with the Aperture Science consumer-grade auto-fire-turret!
We’ve likely still got two more videos left in this web series, so be sure to tune in at the beginning of next week for the opportunity to witness the next atrocity that Atlas and P-body will no doubt be put through. Portal 2 is currently gearing up for a simultaneous release across console, PC, and Mac platforms on April 19.