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Words can be fun with iTabo

If you wonder what you should do on this boring holiday or how to turn your outing even more exciting. Team based games could be a perfect package of fun, entertainment and time pass. iTabo is one of the rare multiplayer games available on app store which can be played with multiple number of friends in groups with a single iPhone or iPad . iTabo is an exciting word game for any age group .
The game has to be played with 2 teams with minimum 2 players in each team .The goal of the game is to guess the right word from the hints given by the same team member. There are a set of 5 forbidden words (called Taboo) which cannot be used while description of any given word. For example if the word to be guessed is Speaker, the person describing the word Speakers cannot use Taboo’s like music , sound , bass , treble and mid while describing the word. The game has a preset time limit which can be changed in settings, thus you can limit the time each team gets to play. So the both the teams need to be smart and quick while guessing the word. You just don’t earn points, you lose them too when you are not able to guess the right one. Pressing the skip button will take you to the next word while the player will be penalized by a certain number of points when he skips a word, these penalty points can be set in settings menu, along with points to win, round timer, music and sound effects. Both teams get their turn alternatively and after completion of each level the team can have a look at their individual score which includes correct words guessed, skipped words and total score, the comparative overall score is also displayed along with it on the same Game summary screen. The game comes with over 1000 keywords and 5000 taboo words with more coming in everyday. You can also contribute keywords and taboo words via the add button in main menu to make the game even more fresh. If you would like to stay connected to the iTabo community , check out the Facebook page and Twitter updates from iTabo by tapping on the respective icons on the main screen .
The game is perfect for group activity within friends and family. Currently the game is available in English and Polish in Free and Paid versions for both iPhone and iPad. The paid version has more features and more control over the game.
Screenshots from the app :