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You Don’t Know Jack coming to iOS

Here’s some good news for your Friday: The newest version of the classic trivia video game You Don’t Know Jack is coming to iOS. Cookie and the gang, Question Four (the question that cares), and all the rest will be on Apple’s handheld platforms sometime in the future, so you’ll be able to do some Dis or Dat, screw other players, and hit up the Jack Attack all while out and about. There’s no word on if the game supports multiplayer or not (sure it’d be tough to do without an honor system, but it’s YDKJ!), but it will have Game Center, and apparently it will have 20 full episodes to play through as well.
Great to hear. You Don’t Know Jack is definitely a classic, and it’ll be nice to have it in the more and more definitive iOS library. We’ll keep an eye out for the game and let you know when it’s released.