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Zynga hires team behind cocos2d

Zynga has picked up yet another relatively big-name iOS developer. After acquiring Wonderland, Area/Code and Newtoy earlier this year, the social gaming giant has now acquired the team behind the iOS physics engine cocos2dThat engine is used by all kinds of developers, and while Zynga has hired Ricardo Quesada and Rolando Abarca on as developers to use the engine with its own iOS titles, all indications are that the cocos2d community will remain open and available to all, just as the core engine code will stay open source.
Zynga continues to build one heck of an iOS development division. What exactly are they building? That’s still a mystery, though presumably Zynga will use its leverage in the social gaming space to push more ports of its popular games and a few new titles as well. We’ll have to see what comes of this development, even while it’s hard to believe Zynga’s buyout spree isn’t quite over yet.