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Here, File File! Updated with Retina Graphics, Background Audio

Here, File File! is an iPhone app we reviewed a year ago that eventually disappeared from our radar. The app, mixing a beautiful interface design with a weird and funny name, allowed you to browse the contents of your Mac (read: file system) from a native iPhone UI. You only needed to install a desktop server app in order to connect from the iPhone both through WiFi and 3G. In Here, File File! you could browser and open folders, preview images and documents, play music and video and even search with Spotlight from the iPhone itself. It was a gem.
The iPhone 4 came out last summer and an update to Here, File File! to support iOS 4 and the new device was nowhere to be seen. Not to mention the iPad, which would be perfect for an app like HFF.
This silence has been interrupted today with the release of version 1.2 that brings Retina Display graphics for iPhone 4, bug fixes, background audio support and several enhancements. An iPad app is in the works too, and beta testing should start soon after today’s release of HFF for iPhone. So how’s the update? The app looks beautiful on the iPhone 4 display and much more responsive than before. I also tweaked the desktop application to work with a global DNS hostname so I can access my files from anywhere. Background audio works as expected and you get a nice HFF icon in the multitasking tray to send music across your room to AirPlay speakers. These music files are on your Mac.
Here, File File! is the same great app as before, only it looks beautiful on the iPhone 4. While waiting for the iPad app to come out, go check out the iPhone version here. More screenshots below.