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‘Honk’ Will Save You From Another Pricey Parking Ticket [Must-Have App]

Honk – ($0.99) iPhone – Navigation
If you’ve ever returned to your car to find that you’ve earned yourself a whopping great fine for running over on the meter, or parking too long in the same spot, Honk is here to help! Simply swipe the virtual parking meter to record how much time you’ve got to park and Honk will ensure you’re reminded when it’s nearly time to move your car. The app icon on your home screen will even display how much time you’ve got left minute-by-minute, so it’s easy to see at a quick glance. You can even use to Honk to remind yourself of where you parked by making handwritten notes, taking photos, and using your GPS location.
Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of Honk until it was featured as Apple’s ‘App of the Week’ in the UK App Store this week, however, I wish I had. It’s designed to be quick and easy to use and it really works – just open up the app whenever you park and set yourself a time limit in seconds. Honk is a stroke of simple genius, and it’s not often you come across a one dollar app that could potentially save you a small fortune.