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How to Change Your Dictionary on iPhone

I don’t mind the autocorrect feature on my iPhone, but it seems to have picked up some weird words that I type a lot but aren’t actually right. “Aboot” and “Woooo” keep coming up as suggestions! Can I get it to forget those?

A lot of people out there who are new to the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad struggle with the iOS virtual keyboard. Over time, as you type you might spell a word wrong more than once. If you don’t accept the iOS option to change it, then eventually iOS stops suggesting a correction. As time passes, more and more of these “mistakes” can accumulate in your iOS User Dictionary.

Reset your iPhone’s learned dictionary here.
You can backpedal by resetting the User Dictionary from the Settings app—look under General > Reset, then tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary. If you have a Passcode set, you’ll have to enter it. Finally, you’ll be prompted to tap a red button labeled Reset Dictionary. Tap it to reset the User Dictionary to the factory default or tap Cancel if you change your mind.