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How to Convert Internet Explorer Favorites to Safari Bookmarks

Two days ago, I spent 45 minutes manually converting dozens, upon dozens, of Internet Explorer 9 favorites from a friend’s Windows laptop to Safari bookmarks.

You may have heard the sobbing.

During these 45 minutes, I wondered what deity I had offended, or exactly when I’d stopped and hurled a puppy with a sprained ankle at the elderly, as these would be the only valid reasons for why I had to use each link’s description to run a Google search for what the link actually was, copy and paste the address in and move on to the next bookmark.

And while I’ll never get those 45 minutes back, I think I’ve come across a better way to port your Internet Explorer favorites on a Windows partition over to Safari bookmarks on your Mac OS X partition with relatively little hassle and at the very least, a lot less frustration than what I went through on Monday…

1. Boot Into Your Windows Partition

You’ll need to download and install Internet Explorer 9, and then download and install Safari for Windows. Open Internet Explorer 9, and then click the star icon in Internet Explorer 9 to view your favorites.
Drag the Internet Explorer 9 favorites you want to import to the desktop (if necessary make a folder to contain the awesomeness).
Close Internet Explorer 9 and then open Safari. Click the book-shaped icon in Safari’s bookmarks toolbar.
From here, drag the Internet Explorer bookmarks you’d saved to the desktop into the window and organize them as necessary, then close Safari’s bookmarks window.  Then, click “File” and choose “Export Bookmarks…”.
Save your exported bookmarks to the desktop.

2. Get Your Bookmarks Into Mac’s Safari

Now it’s a matter of getting the “Safari Bookmarks.html” file to the Mac end of things. Saving the file to a flash drive can work, as can emailing the file to yourself. Boot into your Mac OS X partition.

Once Mac OS X has loaded, open the Safari web browser, then click on File > Import Bookmarks.

Find the “Safari Bookmarks.html” file and import it. From here, Safari will open its bookmarks window and show a highlighted import folder. Drag the bookmarks around to where you need them and you’re set.

Now, relax. Your Internet Explorer favorites have now become your Safari bookmarks. Go outside, talk to a friend and grab some good food somewhere down the street.