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How to: download and change themes for SBSettings.

SBSettings is a wonderful little jailbreak app that adds tons of quick toggles to your iOS springboard. The one thing I don’t care for in SBSettings is the default theme. It’s just downright ugly. I get tons of questions on whether or not you can theme SBSettings like you can the rest of your springboard. The answer is yes. It’s quite simple actually. Hit the jump to find out how!

Downloading SBSettings Themes

  1. Open Cydia and tap on Sections.
  2. Scroll down to themes and you’ll see a section for “Themes (SBSettings)”. Browse through all the available themes for SBSettings and install the ones you like.

Changing your SBSettings theme

  1. Now open SBSettings (by swiping to the right or left on your top status bar). You’ll see a “More” option. Select that and you’ll see the window below.
  2. Tap the “SBSettings Themes” option. You should see some default themes and all the ones you installed.
  3. Tapping the blue arrows will let you see a quick preview of each theme.
  4. Simply select the theme you’d like to use by tapping it.
  5. Respring your phone and your new theme should now be active!
That’s all there is to it. Try it out and let us know which themes are your favorites in the comments!