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How to MAX out your telco’s unlimited data plan using 3G Unrestrictor, and they won’t blame you for it!

Who says you can’t have your cake … & eat it too?
Let’s say you’ve just got a spanking new iPhone 4. You’re good to go, ready to try out the myriad of features and apps this uber-cool device could accord you. Hell, it may even be yourbest friend next year. Then, the inevitable happens:
The following account is based on a true story. Parental guidance is advised.
(a) Apps and games (greater than 20MB) from the App Store won’t load
(b) Movies, TV shows, and even podcasts (greater than 20MB) from iTunes won’t budge
(c) YouTube videos are not blasting out in true HD quality for iPhone 4
(d) You’ve left your computer at home, and you’re miles & miles away
Fret not, all you need to do would be the folowing:
(1) Jailbreak your iPhone 4 using Limera1n
(2) Go to Cydia > Add as the source
(3) Then, search for the cracked version of “3G Unrestrictor” > Install
(4) Exit Cydia > Go to 3G Unrestrictor app > Add the apps that you would like to unrestrict
(5) Have fun MAXING OUT the data plans you have with your telco. They would thank you for it!
PS: We just did. With Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus (440MB) over Maxis 3G. Absolutely no WiFi or computer needed. Give it a try and finish what you started!
[via iWorld]