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How to Use An iPhone and a DIY IR Trigger to Control Your DSLR

Camera junkies rejoice! The iPhone Guru has a neat little DIY post on how to create a homemade IR trigger capable of firing your DSLR camera from a couple dollars worth of parts. He also shows you how to use (an iPhone app) to trigger your camera, record GPS locations, and shoot time lapse sequences.
Matthew makes note that the reason he’s doing this and not buying a branded IR or cabled remote is this: app has some pretty compelling features that allow you to do GPS tagging with a Map Log and synchronized timing that you can then merge with your image data to create Geo-located images shot with your DSLR among some other nice features like HDR bracketing, time lapse shooting and an Intervalometer. It will do far more than even Canon’s $120 timer remote will do and the whole thing will cost you less than $20.
Video and more pictures after the break…