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iLoader 2 destined for greatness amongst Facebook users

The Best Facebook photo and video batch uploader and viewer just got Revolutionized! iLoader 2 takes the tedious uploading process and makes it fun and easier than ever! iLoader 2 makes viewing your and your friends’ photos and videos fun and totally addicting. Don’t take our word for it – check out the screenshots and reviews to decide for yourself!
Uploading Features:
✓ Super fast multi-photo selection
✓ Add captions and tag friends in photos
✓ Rotate, crop and add special effects (black/white) to photos
✓ Swipe & Pinch photos to view in more detail, similar to built-in Photos app
✓ Create new photo albums and set privacy from within iLoader
✓ Upload photos to personal albums or Fan Pages
✓ Add video titles, descriptions and set privacy/permissions
✓ Trim and playback videos to make sure they are perfect before uploading
✓ Upload regular or HD versions of photos and videos
✓ Continue uploading even after you exit iLoader, with multi-task/background support
✓ Batch upload multiple selected photos and videos to Facebook in one shot
✓ Show progress when uploading with pause and resume
Viewing and Other Features:
✓ Instantly view all your friends’ New Profile Photos
✓ Instantly view all your friends’ Photos of the Day and Week
✓ View your personal photos and photos of your Fan Pages
✓ View photos as a slideshow
✓ Watch videos (standard or HD quality) from you, friends, pages and groups
✓ Share videos to Facebook, Twitter and Email
✓ Quickly update your Facebook status
✓ NO INTERNET CONNECTION? NO PROBLEM. iLoader can do everything except upload without an Internet connection
✓ Save selections and edits and later resume where you left off
✓ Work on 3G or Wifi