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LED Machines for iPhone 4 is More Than Just a Torch Light app.

If you are looking for the right Torch light app and the right mix of features in it, your hunt comes to an end with iPhone app LED machines. With the introduction of iPhone 4’s flash enabled camera, application developers have been looking forward to use this fresh piece of hardware in the most innovative way. AriadneWare has come up with an interesting concept and a really useful app which can use iPhone 4’s Camera-LED as a torch light.
Not only does the app just give a torch light like others but also offers features like Beautiful analogue clock,
Advanced alarm, Realistic Weather Conditions, Morse coder, LED compass, Strobe control, Customisable interface and wallpaper. Have a look at the weather conditions outside directly from your app’s screen, no more you need to look off your window. Strobe is another exciting feature which lets you turn your dark room into a club . You can also change the Strobe speed to give some special effects to your dark room and tune it to the pace of the song .
If you want to use this app from a distance of say 20 feet’s, no hassles because you don’t need a remote control, all you need is just a sound of a clap or click of fingers. You can also activate /deactivate the light with a flip. Similarly you can snooze the alarm if you are unable to find your phone which is lying under the pillow just with a clap .
The app is highly customizable with wallpapers and different button types. Make the app look even better with tons of wallpapers from app defaults and photo gallery.   The app offers great animations and sound effects; you can a see a metal door sliding on the screen every time you change a feature. Overall the app is mix of some nice utility apps and an all in one solution for your requirements .
Screenshots from the app :

logo LED machines