Paid iOS And Mac Apps Gone FREE: Download And Save $78

The weekend is great for many reasons, and one of them – particularly if you’re a user of Apple products in this case – is that developers tend to relax their prices. We’ve hand-picked a collection of iOS and Mac apps that, despite ordinarily costing money, are currently free of charge, and so if you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, join us after the fold to dive into the savings.

iOS Mac apps free


Shoggoth Rising ($0.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)


This neat arcade title is both ghoulish and addictive. Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, it’ll keep you entertained during those moments of extreme boredom.

Expense-Tracker+ ($19.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Expense Tracker

If you’re looking to keep tabs on your finances and outgoings, this app serves as the perfect tool for the job. It’s beautifully simple, with its clean, crisp interface, and with a five-star rating, is not to be balked at.

Motocross Elite ($0.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Motocross Elite

A fun little 2D motocross title featuring some cute, funky graphics.

Bike Assault ($0.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

Bike Assault

Another title to be filed under the “endless runner” genre so popular nowadays, your goal is to meander through traffic and avoid obstacles for as long as possible.