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PogoPlank Lives! A Sneak Peek at 2.0

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I was always a big fan of PogoPlank, the unique and innovative re-think of the iPhone’s springboard. It’s the jailbreak app that allowed me to run over 160 apps on my iPhone and just have one home screen.

Like many folks though, I’d begun to worry lately about whether perhaps the app / project had been abandoned – as Version 2.0 was expected nearly a year ago.
R.I.P The Wheel But it Will Still Be Available Via the Plaket Store :)
Well … the good news is, the app is alive and well and work on 2.0 is nearing completion. I spoke to Justin and his new co-developer Alex just a short while ago about PogoPlank 2.0. I’ll share more on that soon, but for now I thought you all might enjoy a video look at what 2.0 has in store. Thanks to Justin and Alex for sharing with us.