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Revinyl Puts A Pop Quiz In Your Pocket

Revinyl 2 for iOS
Pop quiz app Revinyl recently got updated and now comes with a killer new feature: direct access to the full iTunes music database.
We looked at Revinyl before, back in September last year, and we liked it then simply for the way it opened up your iDevice’s music collection, and challenged you to name those tunes.
The new version expands your options enormously. As well as your own music, you can test yourself on all the music on the iTunes Store. That’s a lot of songs.
The quiz comes in two modes – single player, or up to four player challenge. Each song snippet is played and the first person to touch their buzzer (a corner of the screen) gets the chance to name the artist, album or song.
You have some control over difficulty by careful use of the genre selection tool. Before playing, pick a few genres. If you’re feeling confident, pick some more – or all of them – to give yourself a real challenge.
Revinyl is a fun music quiz to play with friends, and good value for a dollar.