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Rundown of new changes in Lion Developer Preview 3

In addition to the discovery of Nuance voices in Lion Developer Preview 3, other new features found in the latest Lion release have begun to leak out. As compiled by It’s All Tech, here is a list of all the other known changes Lion Developer Preview 3 offers over previous versions.
  • New options in Mission Control System Preferences
  • There is a new animation when logging into the computer and displaying the desktop
  • New Reminders menu in iCal
  • New “next desktop” button in Dashboard space
  • New options when right-clicking (“Show Inspector,” “Clean up,” and “Sort” commands)
  • Compatibility to external displays has been improved (especially in Mission Control)
  • There is now a Mission Control app
  • Finder’s toolbar has been slightly updated
  • Desktop wallpapers have been updated (and new ones have been added — the lion image above is one of them)
  • Reading List has been enabled in Safari
  • New changes in Mission Control: Users can add “desktops” right from Mission Control by clicking “+” button. Users can close spaces from Mission Control. Mission Control no longer displays text “Desktop 1,″ etc. When hovering over desktop thumbnails, magnification of thumbnails are seen
  • Scrollbars now change color depending on the background (black background=light scrollbar and vice versa)
In addition to the above changes, TUAW reader Koobi wrote to tell us of another change he found: “In Lion, on Safari, using the Magic Mouse, if you use one finger and flick left to right, it will reveal (underneath) your previously viewed page history. You can flick back and forth to browse your Safari history, without having to press the back/forward buttons at the tool bar.”
In the comments below, feel free to let us know of any other changes you find!