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Sing along over 40,000+ songs with iPhone app Karaoke Now – iPhone app review

One thing i love doing in my free time is listening to songs another is singing along .Karaoke is a form of entertainment popular in clubs, at parties, etc, in which individual members of the public sing along to pre-recorded instrumental versions of popular songs, the lyrics of which are displayed for the singer on a screen in time with the music. Most of the people have sung Karaoke with VCD’s and other playback devices which are costly and too bulky to carry along on a vacation. But TriceraSoft brings the same pleasure on your iPhone. Sing along with the melodies on your iPhone while you see the text flow on your screen.
With Karaoke now you can choose from the database of over 40,000 tunes. If this is not enough you can also import Karaoke songs from other devices like your computer, another smartphone or tablet . If you wish to download songs from Tricerasoft you will have to buy them using your credit which can be easily purchased with the in-app purchase feature .Once you have enough credits just go to the search section and type the name of the song you are looking for , find it and claim it . But if you are planning to import some of your songs from a computer to iPhone you need to have both the devices on the same Wi-Fi network to import and export songs using the procedure specified in the app.
To import a song from your computer first go to the Import tab on your iPhone’s Karaoke Now app. Find the turn on button there, and after you turn it on it gives you a http address that you need to manually enter on your computer’s browser. Enter it on the computer’s browser or other device and you’re presented with an interface that lets you select zip file from your computer and upload it to your iPhone. That zip files needs to contain the MP3+G file(s) that are required by the app.
After successfully importing the song files you will now be able to see them in your Quick Play tab where you can start singing along the tunes or manage them in playlists.
Karaoke now is a great app whether its partying with friends or feeding your hobbies. Just hit play and follow the lyrics along with the melodious music to spice up your mood.
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