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SWAGG helps you gift your loved ones and manage your Gift cards on iPhone

The best thing about gift cards is they let the receiver choose what they like and can be used when you are unsure what to gift. But carrying them all in your wallet and keeping a track of them could be difficult, this is where SWAGG comes in use. SWAGG is a service which gives you the freedom from plastic cards and converts them into digital stuff which can be stored in iPhone securely . Managing gift cards with SWAGG iPhone app is very simple and an efficient way to use them when required, rather than digging your purse every time you visit a store.
SWAGG is a service that puts all the junk from your wallet into your iPhone. Loyalty and gift cards, memberships and rewards are all neatly filed under one icon. And based on your profile, SWAGG will send you deals and offers that are all about you.
To start using SWAGG service you need to register with them which can be directly done through your iPhone . Next you can add all the gift cards which have been floating around in your wallet for a while. You can also add reward cards and send SWAGG Gift to your friends or family. The app supports lot of popular stores including , American airlines , American apparel , American eagle outfitters , Arden B, Barnes & Noble’s , Crocs , Buck Head Life , GAP , JCPenny , Live Nation Merchandise, Omaha Streaks , Walmart , Starbucks , Steve Madden , Victoria secrets and lot more .  You can add these stores to your list and update cards and offers associated with them.
Being a shopaholic i found the Offers section in the app really interesting because it bring all the top discounts in stores and information about stock clearance sale with required details from each store associated with SWAGG. You can also set your preferences on the type of product required, for example food ,  apparel , entertainment , media , electronics or any other category which matches your product .
The app gives you option to add/edit profile details, enter promotional codes if you have some, and get support via helpline and email in case you are stuck with something .
The app is available for free on the app store, so there’s nothing to lose. Try the app and see how it works for you and do let us know in comments.
Screenshots from the app :