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Tanach Bible 1.2 Released

Davka Corporation and Redlex have announced the release of Tanach Bible version 1.2 for the iPhone and iPad, a major update and product rename to the previous version of its popular Hebrew/English Bible program, which was previously called Totally Tanach. Tanach Bible, reflecting its new Hebrew-English title, now supports full text searching in both English and Hebrew, and has advanced search functionality in both languages.

New Features in Tanach Bible version 1.2:
* Hebrew/English text search – Users can now search the text of the Bible in both Hebrew and English
* Advanced search function – Tanach Bible allows searching by whole words, as well as by matching strings at the beginning and end of words
* Improved navigation – Tanach Bible now provides access to Torah texts by weekly Torah reading as well as by chapter and verse
* Additional font options – Tanach Bible can now display Rashi text in a standard Hebrew font as well as the traditional Rashi script

Tanach Bible is an ideal study tool for all students of the Hebrew Bible. A universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad, it features verse-by-verse synchronization of English, Hebrew and Rashi’s commentary, and perfect positioning of Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks. Users can browse and study all 24 books of the Bible – from Genesis through Chronicles – search the texts with the program’s Hebrew/English search function, and bookmark and email selections for future reference.

Program features include:
* Easy navigation to all books of the Bible
* Speedy searching of text in Hebrew or English
* Viewing of Hebrew and English text in parallel columns
* Viewing of Rashi and Hebrew text in parallel columns
* Copy and paste of Hebrew and English text

Pricing and Availability:
Tanach Bible 1.2 is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category.