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TinyVox Is A Social Tape Deck For Your iPhone

We typically don’t do audio recordings in replacement or in conjunction with our written reviews, but I’ll make an exception. TinyVox is a very cool social tape deck for your iPhone or iPod touch that enables you to record audio in high or low quality, then publish those audio bits to social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.
You can privately share audio recordings via e-mail for those flirty cross-country love notes, and even cooler is the ability to upload records straight to TinyVox’s website where you’ll get a URL that you can share anywhere! That’s exactly what we’ve done for this MacStories review so you can get a feel for the sound quality produced, and so you can get familiar with TinyVox’s retro styling. Just click the link below to listen in (it’s about five minutes long). You’ll want to turn the volume down a bit before you listen in.
I talk fast at times, but all you need to know is that the interface is really well done, the controls are intuitive, and you can easily access and record a new Vox at any time. If Instagram is the way to quickly and easily share photos with Twitter, TinyVox is the way to quickly and easily share audio. It fits right in with the utilities you already use, providing a new medium for social interaction on the web.
I can’t but give it five stars. It’s very cool, and we’ll think many of our readers will really enjoy having this app on hand for meetings, college lectures, or just plain having fun. Both an ad-supported free version and pro version for $1.99 is available for consumption on the App Store.