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Vapssky Smart Alarm does a great job in pushing you out of your bed every morning

Does your alarm app really wake you up everyday? Or is it just the snooze button that you play with every morning? Vapssky Smart Alarm is an iPhone app that puts a great deal of effort to take you off your bed in a unique way. With the alarm app the user has to complete a small puzzle in order to stop the alarm which will make a person mentally active for a while.
When you open the app you can see a Analog clock running with date, set alarm and volume controls. You can set an alarm by using a 12/24hour format, along with it you can also set a snooze option and a time margin for it .The Alarm volume and duration can also be changed and set according to user requirement.
Puzzles are the best part of the alarm clock. Under the advanced menu you can find puzzles , there is a Dots game and a Math problem , in the dots game you need to connect all the dots in ascending order of their numbers with a swipe action while in a math problem you can have problems like addition , subtraction of two numbers . Without solving a puzzle a user cannot stop the alarm, despite your numerous efforts of pressing home button you may not be able to cheat the app, because when home button is pressed the app closes down but not the alarm .It then enters in a automatic snooze cycle where it is triggered every 5 minutes for 8 cycles. You will also be presented with an option to complete puzzle when this mode is triggered, the only catch is that when the application closes the alarm tone will be set to default. You can keep the app open in its sleep mode which prevents battery drain and also gives total control to the app to wake you up in the morning.
Another feature in the app which is worth a mention is themes. The app comes with 5 beautiful themes which change the look of the app completely with new clock, new icons, new buttons and some special effects.
With Vapssky Smart Alarm you can be sure you never miss an important meeting in early hours of the day or you never face disappointment due to clock issues. For beginners it would be pretty easy to learn all the terms and features used in the app with the Help/FAQ section which cover every topic in detail .Use the Smart alarm in your own way to push you out of the bed every morning, no matter how lazy you are.
Screenshots from the app :