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Awesome Apple iOS 9 Concept With New And Exciting Features

iOS 8 finally opened up the Cupertino company’s mobile software to the world of third-party keyboards and widgets, but as we revel in that, we still want more. Ralph Theodory – a tech enthusiast seems to be one eager fan awaiting the release of iOS 9, as he released a video showcasing his concept of the next major update, which Apple could learn from.

While the concept carries the same design language of iOS 8, Theodory really kicks it up with the features and interface for iOS 9, and well, why not. Here’s what he proposes.

iOS 9 main

Search In Settings

This feature should allow users to search for any sort of setting in the Settings app for super quick access. Very handy for new iOS users.

History In Settings

Every action and every change you made will be logged and recorded. Users will be able to undo any of those logged changes to help them revert back to the earlier settings. Useful for when a user forgets about the changes made, or in case, if changes were made by mistake.

Color Look

Theodory wants Apple to add some colors to the new iOS, well at least as far as buttons, various UI elements and Control Center are concerned, and who doesn’t like an occasional change of colors, right?

Night Mode

The all-white menu background changes to black upon pressing the Home button thrice in quick succession. This should help keep the display easy on the eyes in low light, without needing to dim down anything.

Settings Everywhere

In the app switcher, users can access settings for any app by simply swiping down on it and revealing the settings option.