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iGlo LEDset Light Strip Review

Is that a light show in your pocket?

Sure, your iPhone can make calls, update your calendar, and calculate tips on your restaurant bills. But what about when it’s time to really cut loose? There is, in fact, an accessory for that — with the iGlo LEDset, you can crank up some tunes, whip out your iPhone, and turn your pad into a modern-day Studio 54.
The iGlo is 16 feet of multicolor LEDs embedded in a flat strip of clear silicone. While it’s “splashproof,” it’s intended for indoor use — so much for your plans for a poolside disco party. Setup was effortless: connect the lights to the Wi-Fi controller, then plug the controller into a wall outlet. The controller creates a Wi-Fi network, and you connect to it with an iOS device, operating the lights via a free companion app. The app delivers tons of presets to choose from — everything from slow multicolor fades to frenetic “chase” patterns. If that’s not enough, you can program your own sequences with up to eight individually addressable sections.
But despite all that lightness, iGlo LEDset has some dark spots — including how bright the thing is. Unfortunately, LEDs can’t really be dimmed, and 120 of them together are potentially retina-searing. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking how rad they’d look running around your giant flatscreen TV. And though the lights automatically create their own network for plug-and-play convenience, connecting them to your existing network (so that you don’t have to switch networks every time you want to interact with them) can be a frustrating experience. We had the easiest time connecting to unprotected, open networks, but who uses those anymore? 
Once you do get all your devices talking, the companion app is also a stumbling block. It occasionally freezes, requiring a reboot of the app, the iPhone, and/or the light strip itself. And programming new patterns via the app’s wonky touch interface was so unresponsive that we gave up. Luckily the heap of pre-programmed designs and the ability to pause a sequence gave us more than enough options to achieve just the right look, whether we wanted super-mega-ultra disco or subtle (but still very bright) mood lighting.
The bottom line. You don’t really need this, but you probably still want it anyway. It’s a ton of candy-colored fun, but the software is a bit dim.
iGlo LEDset Light Strip
MEA Mobile
iOS device with iOS 3.0 or later
It’s just cool. Tons of preset options.
iOS app is crashy. Wi-Fi controller is finicky about joining existing networks.