iOS 9

iOS 9 Rumors, Features, Beta Release Date

Apple is expected to introduce iOS 9 to the world soon enough, and the Internet has already seen an influx of concepts coming in from design studios and fans alike, hoping that somewhere along the road, Apple might just listen to what we – the users – want. We take a look at what iOS 9 “Monarch” could hold when it’s announced, and when will it land on our iPhones and iPads.

iOS 9 main

Rumors: iOS 9 Features

One of the most apparent changes that will purportedly be made to iOS 9 will be in the Siri department, which as per reports flying around the Internet, could be made more colorful akin to the Apple Watch. Most of the changes however, are reportedly being made under the hood, as Apple seems to be focusing on stability and bug fixes for iOS 9 as new features take a back seat. There’s also work going on to reduce the firmware’s footprint on the device’s storage.

It’s also expected that iOS 9 will come integrated with Apple’s brand new music service – foundations for which are being laid down in iOS 8.4. According to reports in the past, Beats Music will be laid to rest and will be given a new lease of life by Apple, and the Cupertino giant is hoping to get back into the music game with this major push.


The only real evidence of iOS 9 even existing came in when a website or two reported that they were getting a few hits from devices running the iOS 9 firmware, followed by an inadvertent leak of a screenshot detailing an iOS 8 and iOS 9 benchmark. The features thus far can largely be attributed as unconfirmed reports and rumors, but this has been the modus operandi for almost all unreleased Apple products in the past as well.

iOS 9 Beta Download

Apple will unveil iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 on June 8th, and will subsequently release beta 1 of iOS 9 at the end of the event. A new version of Apple TV firmware and Apple Watch OS may also debut at WWDC.

iOS Public Beta Program 

According to rumors, Apple is planning on launching a public beta of iOS 9 ahead of its release, in an effort to gather enough feedback for ironing out the bugs on the new iOS version before a public release. You can expect a public beta to be released somewhere after the first beta is seeded for members of the iOS Dev Center program, but we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has to say about that at the conference. It would also be interesting to see which generation of iPhones, iPods, and iPads Apple drops support for with the release of iOS 9. iPhone 4S support will likely be dropped for iOS 9.

We’re certain at this point that the first devices to get the iOS 9 beta would be those that are tied to Apple’s dev program. But like we said, we’ll wait for Apple to see what they have to say about it.


iOS 9 Release Date

Being a creature of habit, we can be confident that final version of iOS 9 will be released alongside the upcoming iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 – whatever they choose to call it – somewhere in September.