The 45 Hidden iOS 9 Features Apple Didn’t Tell You About

Here’s a list of all hidden iOS 9 features for iPhone, iPad that Apple didn’t talk about at WWDC 2015.

iOS 9 is a goldmine when it comes to features. There are small little changes around every corner if you look close enough. So much so that Apple took the liberty to skip most of the features and talk about only the key ones. But today, we’re going to point out Apple’s omissions and let our readers know what the company didn’t reveal on stage.

Detailed Battery Settings


Going to Settings > Battery and tapping on the ‘three horizontal bars’ icon on right corner reveals a more detailed overview of apps and how much battery life they’ve taken up in terms of screen on time, background activity etc.

New iCloud Drive App


iOS 9 comes with a new dedicated iCloud Drive app to help you manage your cloud files in a more effective manner. You can enable it by navigating to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and tap on ‘Show on Home Screen.’

Search Bar In Settings App


The Settings app now has a search bar on top, allowing you to effectively search for what you want, rather than navigating through menus to get to your destination.

Swipe Down On A Photo To Dismiss It

In iOS 9, you can now simply swipe down on a photo in the Photos app to dismiss it and go back to your Albums view.

Upper / Lower Case Keyboard Keys


The keyboard in iOS 9 now shows upper and lower case letters. Just bring up the keyboard anywhere, tap on the Shift key to experience this change for yourself.