The 45 Hidden iOS 9 Features Apple Didn’t Tell You About

In-App Screen Recording


A feature which required a lot of rigmarole to achieve, iOS 9 will let users record their iPhone or iPad’s display natively using the new ReplayKit API.

New Stock Apps


iOS 9 comes with three new stock apps, which by the way, you can’t uninstall. The new options include Find my Friends, Find my iPhone and iCloud Drive.

Continuity Over Cellular


iOS 9 will allow users to pick up a phone call on their Mac or iPad even if their iPhone is sitting snugly at home. This all happens over cellular data, unlike WiFi on iOS 8.

Contact Thumbnails In Messages App On All iPhones

A feature exclusive to iPhone 6 Plus users, iOS 9 aims to change that by bringing contact thumbnails to the Messages app for all iPhone users.

Quick Reply For All Apps


This one’s a biggie. iOS 9 brings the famed Quick Reply feature support to all third-party apps.