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All iPad, All the Time: 18 Month Trial at Patterson School of Diplomacy

Patterson School iPad Project

Image: University of Kentucky News
The University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy has launched an 18 month trial evaluating the value of Apple’s iPad in professional graduate education. The entire school – students, faculty and staff – will use the iPad for tasks ranging from graduate seminars and courseware to admissions and student recruitment. The goals are both practical and forward thinking:
“With Facebook and Twitter empowering opposition movements in Iran and Tunisia, and the U.S. drawing a line in the cyber-sand in defense of Internet freedom, effective statecraft today demands mastery of new communication tools. 21st century diplomacy increasingly has a digital and high-tech edge – diplomatic training must too,” said retired Ambassador and Patterson School Director Carey Cavanaugh.
Approximately 50 Patterson School students, faculty, and staff began the iPad trial in February, and another 35 students are expected to join once the 2011 entering class is chosen.
The project’s focus has several goals: faculty will explore how to take full advantage of the device in the classroom setting, and students will assess and select which apps best meet the needs of studying diplomacy and international commerce. Like many educational initiatives, the initial deployment will only be a starting point for an evolution of how to effectively use the device.
“Student engagement on how best to tap the iPad’s full potential will be essential,” Cavanaugh said. “We anticipate they will identify uses for the platform we never envisioned.”
Support and funding for the program is provided by Apple, app developers, media companies and other hardware providers. More information and progress updates from students and staff are available on the Patterson School’s iPad Project blog.