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Almost No One Is Even Considering Buying An Android Tablet Over iPad

Source: Jeffries
Despite talk of a coming onslaught of Android alternatives, almost all consumer tablet conversations begin and end with Apple’s iPad.
That’s the overall finding of a 115-page report released Tuesday by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek. Now comes a series of charts illustrating Apple’s leadership in a global tablet market. Only one Android-powered tablet from Samsung is expected to rise into double-digits by 2012.
Misek expects Apple iPad sales this year to hit 45 million units worldwide, triple the figure when the tablet launched in 2010. Cupertino’s closest competitor, Samsung, is forecasted to sell just 7 million tablets this year, rising to 12 million in in 2012. Here’s the clincher: iPad sales are seen growing by leaps-and-bounds to 90 million units in 2014. By comparison, Android-based alternatives’ best showing is 18 million in the same time, according to the analyst.
The charts hold more good news for Apple’s tablets plans. North America, the tech giant’s home base, is expected to have half of all tablet market sales. Android-tablets are often positioned as the low-cost alternative to the iPad, particularly outside the United States.
Finally, nearly a third of tablet owners told Misek they use their device as the primary computer. Not only is this bad news for PC manufacturers, such as Acer and HP, but it also puts pressure on iPad alternatives hoping to sell grown-up Gameboys. What’s ironic about this chart is the data comes from Google, Apple’s primary competitor.