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Amazing Videos Of Toddlers Mastering The iPad

These toddlers can barely speak, but they sure can rock an iPad.
Check out the video above. In it, two-year-old Bridger shows his mastery of the iPad. Just watch him swipe his way through the Home screen to find the app he wants.
The videos in this post are just a sample of many toddler videos on YouTube, demonstrating the unbelievable ease two- and three-year olds have mastering the iPad.
Here’s a 17-month old:

The 17-month old is still a bit too young for the iPad. She can launch her favorite game, but she hasn’t really mastered the UI. But here’s a slightly older toddler. She’s 2.5-years-old and is supposedly playing with an iPad for the first time. She has no trouble finding her way around:

Here’s a 2-year-old finding and playing a favorite game.

Via Technologizer: Growing Up Digitally: The iPad As a Learning Device