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Amazon To Send A ‘Family’ of Kindle Tablets To Take On iPad

Faced with the incredible juggernaut of Apple’s iPad, Amazon may have no choice but to gang-tackle Cupertino with an “entire family” of Android-based Kindle tablets.
The tablets may use 3qi displays from Pixel Qi’s, originally designed for the One Laptop Per Child Foundation. The displays were meant for rugged outdoor use, according to a report citing a “trustworthy” source. Additionally, the tablets could use the latest version of the Android software and built by an “embedded systems company.”
The report follows an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in which he said consumers should “stay tuned” on news about a “multipurpose tablet” from the Kindle-maker. Late last year, MKM Partners’ analyst Tim Boyd said Amazon was planning a ‘KindlePad.’
Talk of expanding the Kindle from a basic reader to a more tablet-like device also follows the launch of the Amazon App Store and dropping the price of the Kindle.