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Apple considering 6-inch iPad models?

Apple is developing one or possibly two 6-inch versions of the iPad, a report from Czech site SuperApple.cz suggests. One source describes a model just under the 6-inch mark, while a separate source makes the specific claim of a 5.7-inch tablet. First-generation iPads are all based on a 9.7-inch IPS touchscreen.

Many details of the alleged product(s) remain unclear, such as whether or not Apple is committed to a 6-inch option or merely exploring it. SuperApple speculates that the new tablet could be released mid-year, but a more plausible release date might be the fall. Apple traditionally launches new iPhones during the summer, and while the company’s September press events typically concentrate on iPods, they also offer space for products like iTunes or the Apple TV.

Apple might also want to have a cheaper option to compete with 7-inch tablets like the RIM PlayBook or the HTC Flyer. Still more competition could from the Sony NGP, which will have a 5-inch touchscreen but extremely powerful gaming features such as twin analog sticks and quad-core processors. The iPod touch has often been positioned as a gaming device, and a 6-inch iPad could be sold in the same way.