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Apple has its own Twitter too? Giving away 100 iPads!?

We just told you that Apple Senior Vice President Philip Schiller has a Twitter and since then we’ve been snooping around who he follows, and what do we find? AppleIncNews. This Twitter account has been blasting off links to Apple press releases since the iPad’s January and from time-to-time has shot out some interesting teasers. For instance, hours before the Verizon iPad announcement Apple let its almost 60,000 followers know more iPad distribution channels were coming.
Apple also announced their October 20th ‘Back to the Mac’ event on their Twitter and is apparently holding an iPad giveaway for its 1 million Twitter followers (Notice the day it started)! Although this supposed Apple-run Twitter is not verified it is in fact followed by Apple’s own Philip Schiller – That’s our basis and we think it’s substantial. Another thing to note is that some of Apple’s non-RSS tweets came from Twitter for iPhone. Oh, and hopefully 100 awesome people get that 64 GB iPad!