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Apple iPad crushing competition in consumer demand and customer satisfaction ratings

Despite growing competition as new tablets begin to enter the market, Apple’s iPad is still king when it comes to consumer demand and customer satisfaction according to a recent ChangeWave survey.
The new research, which surveyed a total of 3,091 consumers just prior to Apple announcing the iPad 2, confirms the new tablet market has drawn high demand from consumers around the world, with a large majority interested in the iPad specifically. According to the survey, 82% of consumers planning on buying a tablet in the near future will be opting for an iPad, compared to the closest competition, the Motorola Xoom, coming in at only 4%.
On the customer satisfaction front the iPad garnered outstanding numbers among current owners, with 70% being ‘very satisfied’ with their purchase and 25% being ’somewhat satisfied’. Apple has always done well on the customer satisfaction so we’re not surprised with these results. In addition to high customer satisfaction ratings, it looks like the iPad has continued to steal market share from eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and further suggests the iPad has had a growing impact on netbook and notebook sales.
What does this all mean for Apple? Lack of competition for the original iPad meant their was nothing to stop them from establishing a dominant position in the tablet market. While the survey was conducted just as real competition began to show up, it was also before Apple even announced the iPad 2. So we have a strong suspicion Apple won’t have any trouble keeping a strong position throughout 2011.
With the iPad 2 launching in the US and other countries shortly after, do you think Apple has anything to worry about going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!