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Apple offers original iPad donation program

With the successful launch of the iPad 2 behind us now, many original iPad owners who upgraded to the new tablet are attempting to “repurpose” their old device. For some, that’s as simple as handing the iPad to a spouse, significant other, or child. Others are having success selling their iPads through a variety of methods, recovering part of the cost of the new device.
Apple now has a program that can match your obsolete iPad with someone who really needs it — an educator in a low-income school district. Through a link on the Apple Retail web page, Apple is directing those who want to share the magic of the iPad with an appreciative audience to the Teach For America website.
All you need to do is grab your original iPad and bring it to an Apple Store to donate it. The device will be prepared and delivered to a needy school district, ready for use by a teacher or students. There’s no word on the Teach For America or Apple Retail web pages on whether or not your donation is tax-deductible, but you may want to check with the Apple Retail personnel to see if there’s a form available for claiming that deduction.
[via MacNN]