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Apple receives American Brand Excellence Awards

To our readers, it’s not surprising that Apple keeps receiving awards for its products. Now the company has won the eighth annual American Brand Excellence Award as the company that best meets the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Apple also won the award in the Technology category.
The awards are given annually by The Business Journals, a collection of 41 local / regional business newspapers owned by American City Business Journals, Inc. The newspapers asked more than 2,000 owners of small to medium businesses to rate over 250 brands based on criteria such as “behaves ethically,” “forward thinking,”, and “good price for what you get.” Spokesperson Godfrey Phillips of The Business Journals noted that their research indicated that just one year after the initial release of the iPad, over nine percent of business owners are using the device in their businesses.
Apple is in good company with other American Brand Excellence Award winners, including Visa in the Financial / Insurance category, Southwest Airlines in the Travel category, and UPS for Business Services.