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Apple Sales Expectations: 7M iPads, 17M iPhones

iPhone 5 Mockup With iPad 2 Motif
Although Apple is yet to officially announce its sales for the fiscal second quarter, one analyst already has high expectations. The quick take-away: more record iPhone sales and overwhelming demand for the iPad 2 versus the original Apple tablet. In terms of sales numbers, expect 7 million for the iPad and 17 million for the iPhone.
RBC Capital Markets’ analyst Mike Abramsky told investors Tuesday he believes Apple will have sold 2 million to 3 million iPad 2 units, higher than the Wall Street consensus. In a survey RBC conducted in March, 28 percent of the people asked said they plan to buy an iPad 2 – 40 percent higher than an earlier survey gauging the consumer intentions toward the first-generation iPad.

The numbers reflecting strong demand for the iPad 2 arrives although the new tablet was available for just one of the three months in the quarter, Abramsky notes. Because of this, the analyst hiked his iPad 2 sales projection to 31 million units, up from the previous 25 million.
Not to be outdone, the iPhone is expected to see second-quarter sales of 17 million handsets, besting holiday sales of 16.2 million.
Over all, the analyst expects Apple’s revenue to increase to $102 billion, up 57 percent compared to the 2010 second quarter.