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Apple to be sued for $10 Billion Yuan for iPad TM infringement?

The iPad Trademark was already registered by Proview Technology (Shenzhen) company in China. The company demanded Apple immediately halted infringement, otherwise, the company will proceed with legal actions and damages.
“As regards to Apple iPad launched in Mainland China, this resulted in a behaviour of trademark infringement, therefore Apple should be paying 10 billion yuan to Proview Technology“, said by Li Su, the president of H&J Vanguard Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd.
The above seems to bring to mind the previous rumor about the iPad’s launch date being delayed due to the issue of trademark infringement.
At that time, Apple did not response to the said rumor and went ahead with the official launch of the iPad in China back in September.
Li Su claimed Apple knew that “iPad” trademark was wholly owned by the Shenzhen company Proview Technology back in 2006. Eventually, Apple paid £ 35,000 for the iPad oversea trademark. However, the mainland iPad trademark still belongs to Proview Company, so Apple iPad had obtained trademark rights that do not apply to mainland China, therefore, Apple can only be re-negotiated with the Proview related trademark matters.
At press time, Apple has yet to response to the above claim.