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Apple to launch iPad 2 by April 2nd or April 9th?

Now it makes sense. Especially so since the original Apple iPad debuted in April last year.
According to a MacNotes.de report, Apple will reportedly launch its 2nd Gen iPad on April 2nd or April 9th. That’s another 2 months off the mark from the initial reported date of February 1st. But then again, Feb 1st would most probably be the official announcement or keynote from Apple.
Reliable sources told us about the upcoming launch of the Apple iPad 2: the first or second Saturday in April will see the first sales of Apple’s new tablet. The iPad 2 will sell US-only for three months, and Apple Store-only for up to half a year. In July, more countries will follow. Walmart, Best Buy and Co. maybe have to wait until October until they are allowed to sell Apple’s new tablets.
So, if you’re hankering after an iPad now, best you stick the cash back into your wallet and await the newer and feature-laden iPad 2. It’s worth the wait.