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Apple will ship 21 million iPhones next quarter (5M CMDA iPhones), Foxconn remains exclusive iPad 2 maker

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Digitimes reports that Apple will ship 20-21 iPhones in Q1 2011 including 14-15 million GSM phones and 5-6 million CDMA phones. The report also backs up rumors pointing to a Q1 2011 launch for the Verizon iPhone. Interestingly, Digitimes also cites a CDMA iPhone for Asia meaning Verizon won’t be the only carrier getting the new iPhone next quarter. Digitimes also reports that Apple shipped a total of 47 million iPhones in 2010 with 15.5 million of them shipping in the fourth quarter.

Digitimes is also reporting that the iPad 2 is being exclusively produced by Foxconn. We recently reported that the iPad 2 is about 100 days away from shipping and it may include multiple cameras and a new back design.