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Australia election campaign promises iPads in every hospital

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in what I can comfortably say is a previously unimagined application, the iPad is now being used as an election promise to entice voters in Australia. ZDNet notes that the promise was made last week by Victorian Premier John Brumby as part of a proposed new state health policy, which would see iPads given to every doctor in Victoria’s public hospitals, “noting their potential to impact positively on long-term hospital problems such as scheduling across the health ecosystem”. Australia-based iSoft, an e-health vendor, has welcomed the policy due to their interest in targeting the iPad for use with its medical applications. Victoria has invested $360 million in an extensive overhaul of its record-keeping systems and iSoft is a key supplier of their efforts.

My own dermatologist uses an iPad during exams and has said it makes record keeping much easier for his nurses and assistants. Meanwhile, I just sit there thinking it’s cool to see my doctor carrying around an iPad. It’s only a matter of time before tablet computing takes over for paper records in medical settings.